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About Us

I’m Bryan Smit, and I run this business with my family and close friends. I have been working as a carpenter for eight years in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area, but have a lifetime of experience in home renovations and the skilled trades.

Both of my grandfathers built new lives for their families in Canada as tradesmen—one as a plumber, and one as a mechanic and handyman. As active members in the Dutch community in Southern Ontario, both quickly became known as reliable and skilled labourers always willing to help out with anything from a clogged toilet to a full renovation. That dedication to quality work, that love for working with your hands and providing for your family and the families in your community, has been passed down in my family for generations. My father is a plumber; my brother is a welder; my uncles and cousins work in construction and woodworking; and we always come together when one of us has a project, whether it’s redoing a roof, building a shed, or renovating a bathroom. Combined, we have over 200 years of building, renovation, and repair experience.

From a very young age, my parents involved my siblings and me in the family projects, and they instilled in me a passion for constructing something, for the accuracy and attention to detail required, for the feeling of contributing to what makes a family’s house a home.

From basements to bedrooms to backyards, Bryan Smit’s Carpentry will help make your house the home your family dreamed of.

All of our work is fully bonded and insured.